The Montreal Council of Social Agencies and its Effect on Youth Crime and Drug Use

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#MSCAYouthIntervention will contribute to the historiography on social and political movements in Canada by pursuing original research in the McGill University archives, creating a web product for public consumption. In result, #MCSAYouthIntervention produced a history around youth intervention in Canada through the framework of the Montreal Social Agencies. Our goal is aimed at creating a piece to an audience beyond our colleagues within the classroom, making it both informative to a reader with no previous knowledge in the subject, yet informative enough in terms of new research for those who have previously analyzed a similar topic.


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History 370 McGill University Undergraduate Students:

Lise Cartier – Joint Honors Political Science and History with a Minor in Philosophy. U2. Faculty of Arts.

Laura Clarke – Major in Political Science with a Minor in English Literature. U2. Faculty of Arts.

Abderrahman Lahlou – Double-Major Political Science and History. U2. Faculty of Arts.

Nicholas Stephen- Major in Economics with a Minor in Political Science. U3. Faculty of Arts.

Kayla Marie Vieira – Major in History with a Minor in Geography. U3. Faculty of Education.